Baby Heartless - Can't Deny

This is the official video for our single Can't Deny. A big thanks to Gun Film for making this happen!

Baby Heartless - Live @ Inside

Baby Heartless live at Inside Live & Rock Café during the Wacken Metal-Battle semi-finals in Bergen. They won the battle and went on to the finals in Trondheim, and then to Wacken Open Air in Germany.

What's up?

We're happy to announce that this year we signed with the record label "Norwegian Sound", fronted by Peter Michelsen, known from the Norwegian pop band Donkeyboy. In early October, we released the single "Colorful", which shortly afterwards was played on NRK P13's program Frika Fredag ​​and received good feedback from TV personality and radio host Thomas Felberg. We're looking forward to release more singles and eventually our debutalbum in the first part of 2024. See you somewhere on the road in 2024!

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An energetic band from the fjords of Bergen, Norway, Baby Heartless plays modern melodic rock with a cocktail of several different genres. The band has built themselves a reputation of delivering an explosive live show, managing to ‘hype up’ the crowd wherever they go. 

In 2019 they won the wacken metal battle semi finals in Bergen, which brought them to the finals in Trondheim. The same year they won the entire competition and were sent off to play and represent Norway at one of the worlds biggest rock/metal festivals, Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Their singles “Hey Girl” and “Can’t Deny” from 2016 were both played at Norwegian national radio stations NRK P1 and NRK P3. Their newer singles “I’ll never drink again… Until next weekend” and “Shake the feeling” from 2019 were played at international radio stations and were A-listed at local radio stations in Norway. 

They’ve also gained a reputation of resonating heavily with a large age group, from the younger teens to the older veterans of rock n roll. This is largely due to them taking inspiration from many different eras of music. The band has kept up the pace for many years and they’ve played numerous shows at both concerts and festivals all around Norway. Throughout the years they’ve received much positive feedback and great reviews from papers, magazines and radio stations. 

Like most bands and artists, there haven’t been many live performances during 2020. Though fortunately this year Baby Heartless sits ready with several new and finished songs that have been recorded and mixed during the pandemic. These will become part of their new planned full-length album. The band is planning to start the release of said songs/album as well as increase the bands overall activity, in sync with the reopening of society. 

Very catchy, great musicality, excellent! Great songwriters!”
- Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Ex-Guns N´Roses, Art of Anarchy, Sons of Apollo ++ (2021)

“These charming and insanely talented musicians keep showing the audience what they’ve got without ever stopping to breathe. The guys bring the joy of playing to a whole other level. I’ve actually never seen such an enthusiastic band before”
- Scream Magazine, 2019  


“Exceptionally melodic music and choruses that stick with you. Baby Heartless has already built themselves a reputation as being a great live band”
- Metal Hammer Norway 2016

“Baby Heartless is known for delivering outstanding shows. The guys are high and low on stage. The band receives exclusively positive feedback for both their visuals as well as their music”
- Helvete Magazine 2016

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